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Ozone for air disinfection can be used to remove harmful bacteria and viruses from the air. This is especially useful in areas where transference of microbes can occur. Ozone is an exceptionally powerful oxidiser and effective against most pathogens, because of this it is ideal for areas where clean air is vital.

The use of Ozone to remove offensive smells is extremely effective. This could apply to any odour from kitchen smells to the pungent smell of an area where dustbins are stored.

Ozone remains the most effective, quick acting way to remove bacteria, viruses, and odors from the air. The cost of an Ozone generator makes using Ozone attractive and economical solution.

  • Smoke/odour removal
  • Medical facilities – mortuaries/after-hours disinfection
  • Garbage collection areas
  • Pre and post occupation of houses/apartments
  • Motor vehicles
  • Homes/Offices
  • Car washes
  • Post fire odour removal
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Hotel/Guesthouses
  • Schools
  • Fast food restaurants

types of ozone generators

Selecting an ozone generator

  • Small machines with a carry handle
  • Mobile units with wheels and handles
  • Wall mounted units
  • Desktop unit
  • Air units with HEPA filters for homes
  • Car lighter socket units

The basic guidelines to selecting an Ozone generator for air disinfection are simple. If you can supply us with the following information, we will be able to make a recommendation. Alternatively, contact us for assistance.

  1. Where is the Ozone generator going to be used?
  2. What is the volume of the area where the Ozone will be used?

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