1. What is Ozone?
    Ozone is a gas with the chemical symbol O³
  2. Is Ozone dangerous to your health?
    The gas Ozone is harmful if inhaled. The maximum allowable dosage over 8 hours, 5 days a week, is 0.06ppm and 0.3ppm for a maximum of 15 minutes. It should be noted that these levels are higher than the level at which Ozone can be smelt. In water Ozone is not harmful.
  3. Does Ozone explode?
    It has a melting point of -192.5°C and a boiling point of -119.5°C.
  4. How is Ozone output rated?
    Normally. the Ozone output is rated using Oxygen as the feed gas. This makes sense as air quality can be variable. However, the claim that Ozone output doubles the rated output is dubious at best. A 5g is a 5g using Oxygen.
  5. You keep talking about Ozone’s oxidation being superior, how do you explain this?
    The oxidizing potential of Ozone is 2.07 as compared to, for example, Chlorine gas which is 1.36.
  6. Is Ozone corrosive?
    Please view our Material Compatibility Guide
  7. What pathogens does Ozone kill?
    Please view our Ozone Pathogen Effectiveness
  8. Does Ozone kill Covid-19?
    In theory, due to its action on viruses it should. However, until published research is done, the short answer is we don’t know. Please refer to our News page for updates.
  9. What kind of guarantee do you offer?
    All products are offered with a 12-month warranty on the Ozone tube and power pack. This warranty is voided should the end user cause the damage. We will make every effort to assist should you have an issue with one of our units.
  10. Where do your units come from?
    Our products are a mixture of imports and local manufacture.
  11. Do you supply Ultra-Violet solutions as well?
    We can do, however we can refer you to experts in this field who would be able to help you.
  12. Do you keep spares?
    Yes, we do, or they are easily obtainable.
  13. If I have a problem with a machine, how will it be resolved?
    Firstly, Ozone generators are straight forward machines. If you drop us an email or give us a call and as much information about the problem as possible, most problems can be solved using this method. If spares are required, we will dispatch within 2 days and advise on what is required for fitment.
  14. How long does it take for delivery?
    Depending on stock 4 to 5 business days. Any units bigger than 10g, may take up to 20 days.
  15. What payment method can I use?
    Standard method of payment is EFT, cash or cheque is not accepted. We can accept Paypal or Payfast payments, please specify if you want to use these options.
  16. Do you supply Ozone products for therapy and health?
    No, we do not. We leave this to the professionals.
  17. Will you give advice for Ozone therapy?
    No, we would rather refer you to therapy specialists.

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