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Ozone for the disinfection of water on farms removes the need for using chemicals. This means no more mixing, testing and storage. Added to this is Ozone’s ability to rapidly remove pathogens from water with no chemical residue as it converts to Oxygen. 

The following are examples of where Ozone water disinfection can be used:

  • Animal drinking water
  • Irrigation
  • Borehole
  • Water recovery 
  • CIP of dairy equipment
  • Disinfection phase of cleaning

Using Ozone for air disinfection on farms can stop the spread of harmful disease-causing pathogens, as well as removing offensive odours.

It is effective, quick and will contribute to the health of livestock.

The Ozone generators can be fixed or mobile allowing for greater flexibility.



  • Removal of harmful bacteria
  • Increase the resistance to harmful bacteria
  • Removal of harmful contaminants in the soils
  • Increases shelf life
  • Remove contaminants from the water
  • Removal of hydrogen sulphide
  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen content
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