ozone for swimming pools

A Smart Alternative to Conventional Chemical Disinfection

Ozone for your pool

Sizing of Ozone Generator

Using Ozone for swimming pools makes perfect sense. The disinfection is better, the oxidation of organics, no burning eyes, and no running out of chlorine. There is no pH alteration with Ozone, and it doses when you pump runs. It’s simple, clean, and easy. The installation can be done by yourself, if you feel confident enough, or by a pool expert. Once you have decided to install an Ozone generator, the initial cost is the only cost.

The maintenance of the Ozone generator is minimal. We recommend checking the pipe connections every couple of months and an annual checkup, if you think it’s required.

The rule of thumb used by most is 1g of Ozone per 10 000 litres pool volume. For example, a 50 000l pool would need a 5g Ozone generator. This is purely a guide. It would depend on other factors such as:

  • Is the pool heated?
  • What is the pool used for?

When requesting a quotation for a pool, we will ask for as much information as possible. This is because we want to get it right first time.

Example of a pool installation

A dispura Ozone pool

Swimming Pool Layout
Pool using Dispura Ozone Generator

Benefits of using ozone

Dispura ozone pool kit

  • Superior disinfection
  • No chemical storage
  • No sore eyes
  • No pH correction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Plug and play installation

 The Dispura Ozone Pool Kit contains the following:

  • Ozone generator
  • 50mm Venturi
  • Non return valve x 2
  • Silicon tubing (normally 4 metres)

The above applies to generators that use air as a feed gas,

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