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Ozone & Wastewater Treatment

Ozone Wastewater Applications

Ozone can be successfully used in wastewater treatment plants. Whether it is high volume, badly contaminated water, or a small recovery plant. Because of Ozone’s characteristics, it can be used in several ways in a wastewater plant. It depends on the system, the layout, contaminants in the water and what the desired end result is.

Water is not an endless resource and recycling water benefits everyone. From communities to companies to the environment.

  • Final disinfection
  • Removal of Iron & Manganese
  • Phenol reduction
  • Cyanide reduction
  • Hydrocarbon reduction
  • Sludge reactivation 

Some of these processes may require the addition of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Ozone Generator Selection

Ozone & the Environment

Selecting the correct Ozone generator system for a wastewater treatment facility is dependent on several varied factors. The following information will assist us in determining the best Ozone unit to achieve your desired outcome.

  • A drawing or sketch of the layout or a flow diagram.
  • Your primary goal for using Ozone – disinfection, heavy metal removal, cyanide/hydrocarbon/phenol reduction.
  • A chemical analysis of the water to be treated by Ozone, including COD.
  • What main contaminants are of concern?
  • Final use of water – does it go back into a process or is it used for a secondary purpose such as irrigation?
  • Flowrates and operating times.

If you can supply some or all the above information and forward it to us, we will be able to formulate a proposal based on your data.

The primary concern of a wastewater treatment plant is to be able to recycle a high percentage of water – either for reuse in a process or for other purposes to reduce water consumption. If water is reused it needs to be environmentally safe. The big advantage of Ozone is that it does not have a long life, converts to Oxygen, and leaves no by-products.

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