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Water Treatment

Using Ozone for Water Treatment

Selecting an Ozone Generator

The treatment of water for any process or consumption should be clean and disinfected. Ozone is infinitely more powerful than conventional disinfectants and sanitizers. It is fast acting and removes a broad spectrum of pathogens. There is no lasting effect from Ozone, nor will there be any chemical residue “aftertaste”. Ozone is efficient, flexible and can be used from small applications up to large industrial plants.

  • The purpose of disinfection – for human or animal consumption or for an industrial process.
  • The water quality prior to Ozone dosing – this could include chemical and microbiological analysis. Ozone oxidises certain heavy metals such as Iron and Manganese.
  • What do I want my result to be?
  • The expected flowrate or tank size?
  • It is always helpful if a basic layout of the system is supplied.

Dosing Methods


Dosing can be done either by a venturi or air stone. A venturi is installed in-line whereas an air stone is put into a tank. It depends on the requirements and system.

Air Stones & Venturi

Types of Ozone Generators from 2g to 100g - Air or Oxygen feed

Ozone generator 2g/3g/5g
Ozone generator 30g
Ozone generator 50g
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